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Eco Friendly Green Baby Shower Ideas

Are you planning on hosting an Eco Friendly Green Baby Shower and don't know where to start? GrowInStyle would like to share some of our favorite ideas. A clean planet is the ultimate gift one can give to our children. Being environmentally aware in our daily actions and activities makes a huge impact on our planet. Hosting a Green Baby Shower is a perfect beginning to purity, not only do you spread the word about green living but also provide a safe, clean and healthy celebration of life.


The first steps to hosting any party are the invites. There are several Eco Friendly options. Our personal favorite is Evites (Evite.com). They have dozens of baby shower invitations to choose from or you can design your own. Using email invitations is a terrific way to quickly and effectively get the word out as well as track people's reservations. Along with being functional, it's also good for the environment - no paper, no waste, no fuel emissions from sending invites out, etc. If you are looking for a fancier way to invite your guests, consider using plantable seeded paper or recycled paper for invitations. You can have it printed with soy ink to go all natural. Let your guests know that the expecting parents are interested in celebrating green living. If you feel comfortable with the guests that will be attending, you can then make a gesture towards gifts by saying "Earth friendly baby gifts would be greatly appreciated". Encourage baby shower guests to skip traditional gift wrapping methods. Offer earth friendly suggestions - the comic section from the newspaper is a good crowd pleaser. Using organic baby blankets or towels with a bow tie is very useful for mom along with being eco fabulous. Depending on the scale and formality of the event, consider sending Eco Friendly gift wrap materials with the invite.

Green Baby Shower Decorations

A Green Baby Shower is a celebration of life. Demonstrate this theme by decorating with potted plants and flowers. Natural greenery will add a nice feel to your shower venue. You can also give the opportunity for your guests to take potted plants home with them for a cheerful reminder of the special day.

An Eco Friendly, Organic Diaper Cake makes a beautiful centerpiece or a gift at any baby shower. Browse through our selection of baby cakes or contact our GrowInStyle team if you would like to have a custom made diaper cake. We will gladly create an Eco Friendly Diaper Cake to your liking.

GrowInStyle Organic Baby Rose Bouquet adds a beautiful touch to an environmentally friendly shower and serves as a memorable and practical gift for mom. What can be more perfect then a bouquet of flowers made with 100% Organic, usable baby attire? We also have a line of cloth diaper cakes, a perfect gift for parents who want to take an extra step towards going green and being more eco friendly.

Try incorporating natural materials such as glass, rock, water, bamboo and shells for decorations. Artfully arranged twigs and crystal bowls filled with seasonal fruit also make beautiful, natural options. Edible fruit arrangements serve as a delicious and unique decoration. Your imagination can really run wild here. Carve a watermelon to look like a baby carriage (watermelon.org/recipe_detail.asp?recipeDisp=164) or make a fruit flower basket. If creativity is not your thing, there are websites that sell amazing fruit arrangements.

Serve It Up

If you are hosting the baby shower at home, consider serving your meals on your good china to really make the day feel special. If 'after-party' dish washing is too much, then go with second best by using environmentally friendly disposables. Don't forget to place a recycle bin on hand for trash.

Organic Menu

Healthy, nutritious meal options will be greatly appreciated by the mom to be (and baby of course) as well as the guests. Not to mention, another perfect opportunity to play off the green theme with color. Organic green salads, fruit salads, green apples, green grapes, kiwis are all good starters.

RAW Vegan meals are scrumptious as well as super nutritious. From delightful salads, to appetizers, main courses and mouth watering deserts, you can create a huge array of satisfying dishes. Blend up some green smoothies to fit the 'Go-Green' theme and shock your guests with how green and delicious smoothies really are! One of my favorite recipes is - 3 leaves of Organic Swiss Chard (de stem for a smoother texture), 2- 3 ripe mangos, 2 ripe bananas (spotted bananas are sweet and delicious), organic fresh squeezed orange juice (or water) and either dates, honey or raw agave syrup for sweetener. This will be good for 2-3 glassfuls.

Discover delicious, guilt free raw desserts and you will be hooked! Visit goneraw.com for an endless amount of succulent recipes Serving organic or all natural food doesn't have to be an expensive option. Visit your local farmers market for great deals. A lot of supermarkets and fruit stores now carry a variety of organic produce, stick to seasonal fruits and vegetables and you will be amazed by the bargains you find. Make sure to look for products grown without pesticides. If purchasing meat, look for hormone and antibiotic free options.

Green Baby Shower Party Favors

While the focus of a baby shower is on the expecting mom, it is also nice to send guests home with a reminder of this joyful event. Many items make great favors for a baby shower. As mentioned earlier, giving a potted plant that was used for decorations is one great favor. A packet of flower or plant seeds to plant in baby's honor is another great idea. Handmade soaps, soy candles, organic wash cloths and organic natural care products will be enjoyed by your guests. Small fruit baskets are another wonderful idea.

Green Baby Shower Games and Activities

Some hostesses like to plan activities for a baby shower. Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

Onesie Painting

A unique and memorable activity for mom to be as well as the baby. Provide guests with an organic white onesie or t-shirt and non-toxic paints or natural dyes (you can find a lot of great natural dye ideas, such as beet juice for red color, etc). Guests will have tons of fun decorating the shirts for baby.

Plant a seed or a tree

If the expecting parents have a garden, have guests plant a seed each in baby's honor. Of course you will need to provide the gardening supplies. Planting a small tree is also great; everyone can work together and make a positive impact on our planet.

Guess what's in the bouquet

If you chose to decorate the party with GrowInStyle Organic Baby Rose Bouquets, play a guessing game where guests write down what baby attire the bouquet is made with. We provide an ingredient card with all bouquets. Give out green prizes such as organic body care products or soy candles to the winner.

Diaper Cake Guessing Game

Play a guessing game with our Organic Diaper Cakes. We provide an ingredient card with each baby cake.
  - How many diapers is the cake constructed with?
  - What baby items are hidden inside?
  - What diaper brand is cake made with?

Mini Diaper Cakes

Depending on the scale and budget of the event, you can purchase our mini 3 tier Do-It-Yourself Diaper Cakes and have guests create extraordinary cakes for mom. This will give mom the opportunity to have a load full of diapers on hand for the new baby and provide tons of fun for guests. Make sure to provide a variety of ribbons, small baby toys, silk flowers, etc for decorations. Have an anonymous vote in the end to see who created the best masterpiece.

Guess the Baby Game

Instruct guests to bring a baby photo of them to the shower. Place all photos on a bulletin board or use magnets to put them on the fridge. Have guests try to match each baby photo to which it belongs to. In the end, have every guest share their favorite past time story of their childhood.

Letter to baby

Set up a keepsakes box and have guests write a letter to the baby. Or get even more creative, and provide construction paper and some art supplies so that each guest can create their own cards. This activity works well if all guests attending are close to the expecting parents. Mom can then chose to read the letters after the party or save them for when baby is older and make it that much more special.

Decorate my bottle

Guests can use their creativity for Decorate-My-Bottle activity. Purchase BPA-Free, clear baby bottles (some brand options are: Born-Free, Medela, Think Baby Bottles, or Dr. Browns) and a variety of permanent colorful markers. Have guests use their imagination and create unique, one of a kind decorated baby bottles. If you would like this to be prize oriented, everyone can anonymously vote for which is their favorite.

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